Press Release

Calf pilot plans solutions for end of bull calf euthanasia

With the clock ticking on changes to Red Tractor standards in 2023 which will strengthen the UK dairy industry’s commitment to rear every calf with care, a pilot initiative on-farm is tackling the key challenges of breeding, rearing and marketing.

Press Release

Tackle tick-borne diseases with new RH&W guide

With risk of tick-borne diseases changing as new seasonal and geographical patterns emerge, Ruminant Health and Welfare (RH&W) has brought together a new online resource to help farmers and vets to tackle these diseases.

Industry Responses

Government has urgent role in standardising carbon calculators

Ruminant Health & Welfare has written to the farming ministers of all four UK governments to ask for urgent action in standardising carbon calculators to ensure farmers have consistent baseline data. Read the letter here…