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Information for farmers in former TCZ

Cattle and sheep grazing together

Ruminant Health & Welfare has worked with stakeholders from across the ruminant sector to create a flowchart to help farmers in the recently lifted Temporary Control Zones (TCZ) navigate what this means for their farm and animal movements during the vector low season for midges.

Click here to view the flowchart.

If you still have queries, please call the bluetongue hotline

The advice from Ruminant Health & Welfare remains three-fold, farmers need to beware, take action to report any signs, and always, remain vigilant.

Farmers can call the dedicated bluetongue hotline to get advice or ask questions linked to the current situation – call the bluetongue hotline on 024 7771 0386.

In the UK, bluetongue, including BTV-3, is a notifiable disease, so anyone suspecting the disease must take action and report it to the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA).