Bluetongue hotline: 024 77 71 03 86

Farmer bluetongue hotline available

Farmers in and around the Temporary Control Zone (TCZ), can now access and call a dedicated bluetongue hotline to get advice or ask questions linked to the current situation. All farmers and keepers of animals can access the bluetongue hotline:


Bluetongue surveillance in temporary control zone

Disease surveillance is underway in and around the Temporary Control Zone (TCZ) to fully ascertain the bluetongue situation, following a positive case of the new BTV-3 bluetongue strain being confirmed in a cow (11/11/23), after routine testing. The Animal and


Bluetongue Temporary Control Zone advice to farmers

Following confirmation of a case of the bluetongue virus new emerging strain (BTV-3) in a single cow on a farm near Canterbury, Kent, a temporary control zone (TCZ) has been instigated. The 10km TCZ has been put in place surrounding

Industry Responses

BTV-3 update 15/11

Defra is working on developing policies for the movement of animals within the temporary control zone (TCZ) and we will update those affected regularly with advice as appropriate. Licensed animal movements within TCZ Until there is a better assessment of

Cattle in the Lake District
Industry Responses

AHDB comment on bluetongue single case in the UK

Dr Mandy Nevel, AHDB Head of Animal Health and Welfare, said: “The announcement of a case of BTV-3 in the UK is obviously concerning for UK sheep and cattle producers. As BVT-3 is a viral disease transmitted by biting midges,