Defra is working on developing policies for the movement of animals within the temporary control zone (TCZ) and we will update those affected regularly with advice as appropriate.
Licensed animal movements within TCZ

Until there is a better assessment of the disease situation, general animal movements will not be licensed for animals moving within or out of the TCZ.

There are however specific licences now available for any movements deemed as urgent due to a genuine welfare need – if farmers feel they are in this situation, they must apply as the keeper to Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) for a specific licence.

To apply for a specific license, contact the APHA outbreak licensing team:

A genuine welfare need is defined as where animal welfare is, or is likely to be, significantly compromised.

In this situation, farmers within the TCZ can apply for a movement licence for animals, but only to move them within the TCZ.  This may be to an abattoir for slaughter or to another premise. 

Movement to outside the TCZ is not permitted at this stage.

Licensed animal movements from outside the TCZ

Farmers outside the TCZ can only apply for a licence for animal movements to an abattoir within the TCZ.

Currently no licences will be granted for other animal movements into the TCZ.

Further information on clinical signs and resources can be found here: