June Newsletter

Welcome to the latest issue of the RH&W newsletter. It has been a busy month for the farming sector across the UK with high temperatures and heat waves ensuring the silage and haylage season has been in full swing. However,

May Newsletter

Welcome to the latest issue of the RH&W newsletter. Spring finally feels like it has fully sprung upon us over the last month. The landscape has erupted into colour and crops are beginning to flourish with sun shining. As is

Industry Responses

An open letter to the UK dairy industry

Ruminant sector unites in vision for improved dairy cattle welfare by 2028 We are calling on everyone involved in the UK dairy sector – from farmers and vets, to advisers, and milk processors – to unite in support of the


New welfare strategy launched by the UK dairy industry

Dairy farmers, vets and industry professionals right across the whole supply chain have collaborated through Ruminant Health & Welfare (RH&W) to create the new UK Dairy Cattle Welfare Strategy for 2023-2028. The strategy, which has now been launched is designed


Investigate unexplained abortions in your herd or flock

Livestock farmers are being encouraged to investigate all unexplained abortions or stillbirths in their herds or flocks.  Chair, Nigel Miller, says not enough farmers are reporting and investigating unexplained reproductive losses among their livestock.   “Veterinary surveillance is vitally important to