Industry Responses

NOAH Livestock Vaccination Guideline

Ruminant Health and Welfare (RH&W) has welcomed the focus placed on livestock vaccination as an integral part of herd and flock health management following the launch of NOAH’s campaign to promote the Livestock Vaccination Guideline. The group believes vaccination is

Giving a dairy calf colostrum

Calf feeding statement

Ruminant Health and Welfare (RH&W) would like to reiterate the legal requirement for providing calves with at least two milk feeds a day until 28 days of age. The reminder from the RH&W steering group comes at a time of

Press Release

Calf pilot plans solutions for end of bull calf euthanasia

With the clock ticking on changes to Red Tractor standards in 2023 which will strengthen the UK dairy industry’s commitment to rear every calf with care, a pilot initiative on-farm is tackling the key challenges of breeding, rearing and marketing.